Church Ambassador Network of Arizona exists to inspire the Church to engage government for the advance of God’s Kingdom.

We accomplish this by connecting the shepherds of God’s Church (pastors) to God’s shepherds of government (today’s elected officials).


The Shepherd King Podcast is a weekly discussion with Greg Baker, the founding director of the Church Ambassador Network, about transcending beyond current culture to see government through the lens of the Gospel.


Monthly Update – August 2023

We are excited to report the very first affordable housing initiative at a Church Ambassador Network church is now official, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) this month between the church and the Housing 4 Hope developer! Praise God, He has...

Monthly Update – July 2023

One of the very first 2024 S. Presidential candidate forums was held on July 14 in Des Moines, Iowa. If you watched, did you happen to notice a familiar logo behind each candidate? Yes, that is indeed the Church Ambassador Network logo, and we are humbled to see this...

Monthly Update – June 2023

A legislator drove 3 hours each way to meet with a pastor in her district! Last week, we had one pastor in Yuma and one pastor in Tucson join this ever-growing Church Ambassador Network of over 100 pastors and ministry directors across Arizona!

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