As part of our mission, we seek opportunities to partner church and government in ways that lead to the flourishing of Arizona.

Ultimatelythe Church is better equipped to serve the whole personWhile the State is limited to aiding the physical person, the Church can serve both.

We’ve found that many government leaders on both sides of the aisle are acknowledging this reality and, increasingly in Arizona, government is looking to the church for help and solutions!

Homeless & Housing

In 2022, the homeless population in the Phoenix metro area had swelled, and a large homeless encampment called “The Zone” developed between downtown Phoenix and the State Capitol.  At its peak, 1,000 people experiencing homelessness were living in tents on the streets of “The Zone.”  As a result, Senator Catherine Miranda returned to the Arizona legislature in January 2023 (after a five-year hiatus) specifically to address “The Zone,” located in her district.

Senator Miranda proposed a bill that ultimately sought initially close to $1B to address homelessness, but it was negotiated down to $250M, then $150M.  The bill successfully passed the Arizona Senate, but came to a standstill in the House.  The Church Ambassador Network coordinated a meeting to connect Pastor Paul Vargas from the Phoenix Dream Center with Senator MirandaAt the meeting, Pastor Vargas proposed he send teams to “The Zone” three days a week to reach out to people living in “The Zone” and invite them into their one-year program, which would provide life skills classes, discipleship, three meals a day, and a bed.  After six months of weekly outreaches, 200 people left “The Zone” for the Phoenix Dream Center and at least 20 entered their year-long program, experiencing life transformation and victory over addiction.  Senator Miranda noted, “Thank you so much for introducing me to The Dream Center, because The Dream Center has been the answer.”  Later in 2023, the senator was also able to secure $150M in state funding to help address homelessness.

Partnering with State Legislators to Keep a Food Ministry Open

In 2023, a food ministry was asked by their city government to relocate from church property to a commercial area of town, due to zoning rules.  Such a move would have essentially shut this ministry down, because the church didn’t have funds to purchase or lease a building.  Yet this ministry was operating in a town with a food insecurity rate that was double the national average!  To make matters worse, the food ministry would shutter right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when families stretch to give Christmas gifts and put food on their table.  However, two state legislators were instrumental in partnering with this church to provide advice AND connect us with city leadership. As a result, the city allowed the food ministry to stay open through most of the holiday season, and the church had the opportunity to have their annual Thanksgiving meal giveaway once again!

Using Church Land for Affordable Housing

With the number of homeless in metro Phoenix increasing from 5,000 in 2017 to now over 10,000 in recent years, and with most state legislators saying affordable housing is the #1 issue in their district, whether in Flagstaff, Payson, Yuma, Tucson, Phoenix, or the White Mountains, we’ve committed to helping local churches mobilize to make a dent in the housing crisis in Arizona, through the land God has already blessed them with…

There are now several churches in Arizona working with a former legislator as well developer Housing 4 Hope to design and build affordable housing on their church campuses. This former legislator happens to be an architect who specializes in affordable housing design.  One church in South Phoenix is applying for funding in 2024, with plans to begin construction of 10 units for seniors on their property beginning in 2025!

An Incredible Example: Joseph and Pharoah

We model our work after an incredible example in the Bible: the partnership between Joseph and Pharaoh, recorded in Genesis…

  • We believe that today’s “pharaohs” need wisdom and guidance from the Lord’s people, and the Lord’s people need “pharaohs” to carry their vision and strategies into our communities to a much wider level.
  • We believe that for every issue facing our communities today, there is a church somewhere in our state with a vision from the Lord to uniquely meet those needs.
  • We need to take these churches to the halls of “pharaoh” to share that vision and pray that God would grant us the same favor He gave Joseph to bring that vision to the masses. (When He does, the people are not only blessed, but God’s name is also glorified!)

“Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has shown you all this, there is none so discerning and wise as you are. You shall be over my house, and all my people shall order themselves as you command. Only as regards the throne will I be greater than you.”

– Genesis 41:39-40